The story behind Animo’ began in the majestic Copper Canyons of Mexico, home to the famous endurance running Raramuri (Tarahumara) peoples; where the legendary tales of day-long runs by our friend Micah True (Caballo Blanco) and his four-legged best buddy, and constant companion, Guadajuko were born.

Animo Guadajuko born to run togetherThe fact is, these beautiful lands are not only home to some of the world’s most amazing endurance athletes with two legs – but also four legs!  Anyone who has traveled down to the Sierra Tarahumara and the Copper Canyons has seen some amazing dogs running with very high endurance and enthusiasm.  Our Raramuri friends explained that they feed their dogs the same heritage Pinole based nutrition that they eat themselves, with awesome performance and energy results. This was the impetus for Animo’ – an athlete performance food created specifically for the world’s greatest “six legged athletes” to share.

When we are out on a run, a hike or even just a longer walk around the neighborhood with our four-legged family members, we believe they deserve the same level of quality nutrients and healthy energy as we do.  Formulating a performance athlete food that worked great for both us and our four -legged companions was the perfect way to ensure we both have the energy we need!

Animo’ is similar to our Korimalitas. Each bite incorporates the awesomeness of heritage pinole, amaranth and chia for energy and antioxidants.  Then we add some crushed peanuts for protein and healthy fats, and just a drip of molasses to give it that excellent texture.  The result is a healthy heritage pinole based athletic fuel that provides an excellent on the go (or anytime!) option for those that are “Born to Run…Together” like you and your four-legged friend!  A 100% natural real food that you can share and feel good about.