June 13th, 2017

Mas Korima introduces Animo’ for those Born to Run Together

Scottsdale, Arizona / San Isidro, CHIH –  The first ever nutritional product created for ‘Six Leg Athletes’ is now available.  Mas Korima today introduced Animo’ an athlete performance fuel inspired by and created for those ‘Born to Run Together’.

“The story behind Animo’ began in the majestic Copper Canyons of Mexico, home to the famous endurance running Tarahumara (Raramuri) peoples; where tales of day-long runs by the legendary Micah True (Caballo Blanco) and his four-legged best buddy, and constant companion, Guadajuko were born. The Canyons are not only home to some of the world’s most amazing endurance athletes with two legs – but also four legs!  Our Tarahumara friends explained that they feed their dogs the same heritage Pinole that they eat themselves, with awesome performance and energy results. This was the impetus for Animo’” says Mas Korima team member Clayton Reeves.

There is a large and growing community of active outdoor folks who exercise with their animals.  When these athletes are out on a run, a hike or even just a longer walk around the neighborhood with their four-legged family members, Animo’ provides a healthy energy option for both athletes that is free of chemical processing, preservatives and refined sugars.

Added Reeves, “at Mas Korima we believe four-legged athletes deserve the same level of quality nutrients in their fuel as we do – because we are not the only ones Born to Run.”

For more information visit www.maskorima.com.  Contact team members on Facebook and Instagram

About Mas Korima

“Mas” Spanish for more, “Korima” Raramuri (Tarahumara) for sharing without expectation. We are a multi-cultural team that came together out of a large community of good-willed runners who met, bonded, and became family, in the magnificent Barrancas del Cobre of Mexico.  Mas Korima offers Heritage Pinole and Chia based Endurance Athlete Fuels inspired by and sourced from the lands of the world’s greatest endurance runners. www.maskorima.com