Mas Korima is honored to both know and work with these awesome groups and organizations. They help make our world better, more fun, and way cooler. Support these companies; they are out there doing the best they can, and importantly, doing it right at the same time.


True Messages: Continuing the work of a humble Messenger and the source of our inspiration to do all we can to support the lands and the peoples of the Sierra Tarahumara


Luna Sandals 

The whole gang at Luna is family and they make some awesome adventure sandals.

Luna Sandals


Aravaipa Running - Website

Aravaipa Running


Victory Dropbags - Website


Canyon De Chelly Ultra - Website

Canyon De Chelly Ultra

Squirrel's Nut Butter - Website

Squirrel's Nut Butter


Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco

Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco

Trail Racing over Texas - Website

Trail Racing Over Texas

All We Do Is Run - Website

Run It Fast - Website

Run It Fast

Dirtbag Runners - Website

Dirtbag Runners


San Isidro Eco Lodge (Copper Canyons) - Website

San Isidro