Mas Korima is honored to both know and work with these awesome groups and organizations. They help make our world better, more fun, and way cooler. Support these companies; they are out there doing the best they can, and importantly, doing it right at the same time.


US Skyrunner Series - Website

Sky Runner Series USA

Norawas de Raramuri - Website

Norawas De Raramuri

Dirtbag Runners - Website

Dirtbag Runners

Luna Sandals - Website

Luna Sandals

Aravaipa Running - Website

Aravaipa Running

Victory Dropbags - Website


Sweet M Images - Website

Sweet M Images

Mountain Outpost - Website

Mountain Outpost

Canyon De Chelly Ultra - Website

Canyon De Chelly Ultra

Squirrel's Nut Butter - Website

Squirrel's Nut Butter

Lumo Bodytech - Website


Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco - Website

Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco

Trail Racing over Texas - Website

Trail Racing Over Texas

All We Do Is Run - Website

Run It Fast - Website

Run It Fast

San Isidro Eco Lodge (Copper Canyons) - Website

San Isidro