Runners, Ultra Runners, Endurance Athletes, Hikers, Bikers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Dog lovers, Nature Lovers… There are lots of names for folks like us, but one we think fits best – Family.

Yes, we are biased. But we believe it to be true. Some of the best of humanity can be found running on a trail, taking their dog for a long hike in the woods, training for their first 5k, and for sure, hanging out at a finish line. Runners and other athletes that care about their health, care about our world and care about each other – well, those are our people and... 

Mas Korima - Who We Are

We are Mas Korima.

It started years ago when our friend Micah True (Caballo Blanco) created a connection with the Raramuri people (known to much of the outside world as the Tarahumara) and with a large community of good-willed runners that met, bonded, and became family, in the magnificent Copper Canyons of Mexico.

Micah left the world in 2012, and a group of us worked hard at keeping that connection and expanding it. We ran together with our Raramuri friends and used every occasion we had to support and honor our friends which was much appreciated.

Over the years, though, we saw the limits of this model and we wanted to have means to be present in other ways, to genuinely contribute to the community and to show our friends that our involvement was based in respect and, most of all, in equality. Kuira Ba, the Raramuri greeting that means “We are one”, after all, and serves as a reminder that we must not act as an interference in the Barrancas, but as a force of collaboration.

After giving it much thought, we met with our Raramuri friends and we decided, together, that we would try something new. We would create a project that honors and supports the Raramuri culture, athletes, and communities.

We created Mas Korima. A 'for profit' company that could support the projects of our nonprofit and create some additional opportunities for all our friends in the running and endurance athlete communities.

Importantly we would help bring fantastic, wholesome, healthy nutritional and healing products to the world while bringing some wealth, benefits and cultural empowerment to the Raramuri People of Northwest Mexico.



**Mas Korima is privledged to support the nonprofit True Messages through the sale of each an every product we make a financial contribution to this organization that honors, supports, and creates opportunities for the peoples of the Sierra Tarahumara