What is Korima?

Korima is one of the cornerstone principles of Tarahumara / Raramuri society. Mas Loco runners and travelers to the Sierra Madre are all served an unforgettable lesson in Humanity when they first come in contact with this beautiful, simple concept: What I have, you have too.

Literally translated, Korima means “circle of sharing”. It’s a basic principle that states it is the community, not the individual, which is the end owner of pretty much everything. Thus, wealth and resources are more evenly distributed among the community, with a special emphasis on the elders and those in less favorable conditions. It is not rare to see a Raramuri worker come back to his family with his earnings and stop by neighboring houses to share some of his salary. Same goes for food and everyday items, and the concept also extends to help with physical work or whatever else might be needed at the time.

Beyond sharing, the principle of Korima also entails the absence of an expectation of return. Sharing is selfless, and thanks or acknowledgements are not be expected. True Korima is, therefore, an act of humility.

Communities who follow the simple rule of Korima put more emphasis on relationships and global well-being. We think it’s a beautiful thing.