Our brands and logos represent the lands and the feel of the Sierra Tarahumara and the Copper Canyons (Barrancas del Cobre) for us.

The wonderful female lady silhouette you see - we call her Rarabella.  She runs in Beauty.  We think she's pretty cool and for us represents some of what we love best about the Raramuri people and their culture.  Where will you take Rarabella on an adventure with you?

Our Mas Korima logo is representative of the Mountains of the Sierra and the Urique and Batopilas Canyons with the Rio flowing through Urique Canyon.

Other brands like "Born to Run Together", "Run Free", "Born to Ride" and the others represent the way we approach life with freedom and passion for all things natural and free.


Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt
Gift Card - Mas Korima use for all Pinole products, Chiltepin or runner gear. For all those Born to Run
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Comfortable Twill Hat
Chino Cotton Twill Cap
Cotton Twill Cap - Mas Korima for all - Mas Korima
Athlete Cotton Twill Hat - Born to Run Life Hat - Mas Korima
6 Panel Athlete Hat - Born to Ride. Yes indeed - Mas Korima
6 Panel Hats - Bor to Grind LIfe - Mas Korima
Cotton Twill Chino Cap - Born to Run Life Hat - Mas Korima