Six Legs – One Creature

Nico and Sol

Nico and SolWe are pretty sure there doesn't exist many other athletes on the planet that epitomize the 'Six Legs - One Creature' more than Nico and Sol. Man's best friend and best friends man for sure. Their bond is special, and their love and passion for the trails, the mountains and all of nature is deep. Mas Korima is proud to have this pair on our Animo' team and we look forward to sharing their stories and inspiration with others.

Victor and Lucy

Victor and LucyBecause of our love for adventure, and needing truly unique gear bags to suit our on-the-go lifestyle, we created Victory Sportdesign.

Our life became even more exciting the day Lucy, our little 'Victory Mascot', walked in the door. Together, we've trekked and run countless miles, with a few podium finishes along the way!

We're super grateful to join the Mas Korima family, and continue sharing the love and respect for all that is good in this world through our collective adventures. -peace 

Reuben and Lucky

Reuben and LuckyFirst of all, traveling to the Copper Canyons and meeting the Raramuri was more than just a drive into Mexico with a group of runners that I was meeting for the first time, it was a life changing experience for me.  I didn't even get to run the Caballo Blanco 50 due to the situation taking place in the canyons at the time.  However, the lesson valuable lesson learned  was to truly appreciate the life we are blessed to live, be grateful for the ground we walk on, and love each other unconditionally.  I am grateful and full of joy everyday I am able to step foot on a trail with my four legged partner Lucky and my beautiful girlfriend Brooke.  We are currently college students in San Luis Obispo, CA and when we aren't at school we are running, hiking, soaking in the sun on the beaches of Central California, or simply enjoying the land mother nature blessed us with.

Mas Korima to me means helping out one another without any intention to receive something in return.  It is simply doing a good deed because you truly want to help someone less fortunate or in need.  The Raramuri do this on a daily basis, no questions asked and because of this their culture has sustained through many difficult times.  I get chills thinking about this.  I am excited to be a messenger for Mas Korima and give back in any way I possibly can.

Cory and Little Debbie

Cory and Little DebbieI am an Ultrarunner from southern Utah and am spoiled to have Zion National Park in my backyard. I am happiest when I have a long stretch of trail underneath my feet. Our family loves running the trails with our huge, fluffy poodle Jack, and our Great Dane, Little Debbie.

I write for UltraRunning Magazine and am author of the book Nowhere Near First: Ultramarathon Adventures From The Back Of The Pack. When I’m not running, I am a husband, father, medical social worker, and photographer. My adventures and pictures can be found at

Anja Goetzinger and Manu

Anja and ManuI run because I love the thrill of stepping into an unknown world of tapping into the extraordinary. The adventure of not knowing how the next step goes or where it takes me (emotionally or physically), is an addiction and a fuel to curiosity. Running is a place where I get to celebrate movement and creation!


Maria and Guadajuko

Maria and GuadajukoThe Original Four Leg Athlete Guadajuko! You probably know the story of our friend the Ghost Dog. What an adventure he has had. He may not get 10-20 miles a day running in the Sierra Tarahumara with his 'Daddy' Caballo Blanco anymore, but he can still pick em' up and lay em' down on a good tempo run. Guadajuko also doesn't get down to the the Sierra's perhaps as much as he likes, but living here in Arizona where Mas Korima stores all of our Animo' Treats, he dang sure can still get his fix of that wonderful Pinole that all his friends down in the Copper Canyons enjoy.

Julie Blanda and Isis


Julie Blanda and IsisAfter almost five years of running, including 30 races, Julie and her pup, Isis, make a great team! There is rarely a time they aren't together on the trails or volunteering at races. Julie credits Isis with keeping her moving through some personal lows over the years. The ultrarunning community has been so embracing, and the Love and friendship they have experienced with the Mas Korima family has been an exciting journey, and we look forward to expanding that family here!