Arnulfo, Miguel, Isidro and Horacio

Arnulfo - Mas Korima - Migual Lara - Tarahumara - PinoleConsidering the guys are part of Mas Korima from a company participation perspective, the fact that they are helping supply the Pinole, and they love the products, it was pretty easy to encourage them to be part of our Team Andale! The guys love on occasion getting out of the Canyons and Sierra and running all over the world. It gives them a chance to meet runners from other cultures and share a trail. But for sure, they especially appreciate when folks can make it down their way and can share the beauty and magic of the Copper Canyons.


Nadine Haluszczak

 Nadine Haluszczak

Originally from New Jersey, I moved to Arizona 4 years ago after receiving my master’s degree.  I’ve been working as an occupational therapist since graduating and feel blessed to have the ability to work with others and help improve their lives on a daily basis.  I’ve always lived a very active lifestyle and enjoy being outdoors, trying and seeing new things, and exploring the world.  I am very fortunate to have a job that allows me the flexibility to follow my passions.  When I moved to Arizona, I sought out trail running groups in hopes of meeting friends in my new home.  Friends, I expected to find, but finding a family was a complete (and very welcomed) surprise to me.  Today I share an equal love for the freedom and peace I find running is the trails as well as the community and family I have gained which continues to grow.

After completing my first 50k, I was immediately hooked and began to jump distances, completing my first hundred a year later. Ultra running has become a big part of my life and I am thankful to be part of a team which supports the real reasons we all run; love of the outdoors, friendships, health and of course fun.  I believe life is short and is meant to be lived to the fullest. 

Michelle Barton

Michelle Barton

Michelle currently trains and lives in Laguna Niguel, California. She got started in the sport because her dad, Douglas Malewicki was running trails and marathons and she thought she would join him for a few short distance trail races called (Winter Trail Running Series). Michelle started running Ultras in 2003. 

Her first 100 mile finish was the Rocky Raccoon 100 in Feb, 2006. Her first 100 mile win was eight months later at the Javelina Jundred in October 2006. 

In 2018, Michelle will be focusing on training for Sinister 7 100 mile and BlackSpur 108km in Alberta, Canada. 

Michelle recently returned from a great adventure with Barefoot Ted and Luna Sandals team and Mas Korima in Mexico where she ran the 15th annual Caballo Blanco 50 mile. Michelle placed 8th woman and was thrilled to run with the Raramuri in the magic of Copper Canyon. Michelle trains and races in Luna Sandals and VivoBarefoot. 

Race achievements:

  • Michelle has 80 overall female wins
  • Michelle holds over two dozen course records
  • Beat ALL the MEN at five of her Ultras (3 x 50k + 2 x 100k)
  • Running for 17 years.
  • Racing Ultras since 2003. TransRockies - 9x finisher


Majo Srnik

MajoMajo Majo's love for the mountains, nature, adventure and pushing the limits started at a very young age - over 30 years ago back in his native home in Velky Krtis, Slovakia where he rock climbed for 30 years. Majo currently trains and lives in Calgary, Canada where he runs on some of the most amazing mountains on the planet. In addition to running Ultras, Majo likes to compete in Skimo (ski mountaineering) over the winter and also do fat biking in winter and road biking in the summer.

The last five years he started focusing on ultrarunning. Majo runs ultras distances from 50k to 200 miles. He loves to be in motion and spending as much time in the mountains as possible. Majo uses a minimalistic approach in the mountains light and fast style. He is an advocate of natural movement and barefoot running and trains and races in Luna Sandals & VivoBarefoot.


Running accomplishments:

  • 2016 - 8th overall Tahoe 200 mile
  • 2015 & 2016 - 4th overall - Sinister 7 100 mile
  • 2015 - FKT - Nihani Ridge 52k in Luna Sandals (see link to video below)
  • 2015 - 3rd overall - Badwater Salton Sea 135k
  • 2015 - 2nd overall - BlackSpur 100k in Luna Sandals
  • 2015 - 4th overall - Javornicka 100k (Slovakia)
  • 2014 - Javelina Jundred 100 mile PR
  • 2014 - 2nd overall Lost Soul 100 mile
  • 2014 - 1st overall Moose Mountain Trail Marathon
  • 2014 - 5th overall - Jungle Ultra 250k

Nadia Ruiz

Born to Run TogetherNadia currently lives and trains in Los Angeles, California. She started in the sport by accident during middle school after being bullied. She enrolled for three years in boxing and discovered her endurance. In High School, She competed in Water Polo, Cross Country, and Track breaking school speed records, but decided to take a break in college to focus on developing her career. It wasn’t long after graduate school she returned to the sport that she longed and missed.

She ran her first marathon at age 14 with her father at the 1999 LA Marathon. Crossing the finish line hand in hand with her father was the experience that truly ingrained the love for the sport. Since then, Nadia and her father have shared hundreds of races together in the past 19 years. Nadia has now completed over 130 marathons, 70 half marathons, 11 ultras, and 5 Ironmans around the world frequently in the top of her age group or overall women. Nadia shares: “Running has opened doors to friendships, communities, and, most of all, my heart. I have learned who I truly am and how strong I can be despite having fallen down many times in life.”

With a BS in Biology, M.Ed, and Teacher’s credential from UCLA, Nadia has worked as a Biology Teacher, Coach, Public Speaker and Marketing Consultant for the past 12 years. After a decade of going nonstop, she has now embraced this decade of her life to breathe, listen to her body, and quench her thirst for adventure. You often will find her running races with her father or in the mountains with her two lovable pups, Max and Bruno.

Running Achievements:

  • Named “Best Frequent Marathoners” in the Nation, 2011-2014
  • Named “Youngest Latina to Run 100 Marathons” in the world, 2013
  • Over 20 Top 3 Overall Female finishes
  • Over 70 Boston Qualifying marathon finishes
  • 5th FOA at TransRockies, 2014
  • 3rd FOA at Antelope Canyon 50M