Mas Korima was created and is run by Raramuri and North American endurance athletes. Needless to say, we like to know what’s in our food and we know how hard it is to find proper, unbiased information. In an attempt to help you make the best decisions for your nutrition needs, we want to share with you our findings and opinions on how our Andale! mix compares with popular endurance products available on the market.

We think these products definitely have value, and there are a lot of athletes we know who consume and like them.

We created Mas Korima because we believe traditional Raramuri Pinole holds a key to a healthier, simpler and cleaner solution to fuel endurance. Because it uses heritage maize that was grown in the Sierra Tarahumara for centuries, unaffected by genetic modification, it contains unique nutrients and balance in carbohydrate contents, protein, minerals and amino-acids. Andale! mix is not an extract, processed or an industrially-refined food, it is prepared like it has been for generations, heritage style, slow fire roasted and ground which preserves and even enhances the nutritional value of Pinole.

The comparison chart below compares Andale! with several other options out on the market, and we will be adding more as we go. If there is a specific one you would like to see analyzed, send it over and we will add it.

The net is this, pretty much every single option out there is the result of some form of chemical processing; maltodextrin, glucose polymers, brown rice syrup, fructose, etc etc.  Only Andale! is made without extracts and chemical processing.  Only Andale! retains the whole nutrition value of the whole ingredient, only Andale! is ‘true’ complex carbohydrates without the crash and stomach issues of simple sugars.

You can click on the logos in the chart to get to the individual product analysis and comparison.

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