Andale! (28 Serving Tub)

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Andale! (28 Serving Tub)


Andale! (our Pinole Mix) Andale! means “Come on!” or “Let’s go!” and we think it’s the perfect name to describe the traditional Mother Nature’s pick-me-up which our Raramuri friends have been using for ages.

Made with Sierra Madre Old style slow roasted (Heritage) Pinole and Chia seeds, our Andale! mix uses only natural ingredients.  We add in a little healthy B vitamins to help metabolize the Pinole and Chia and some of the highest grade all natural electrolytes from the Great Salt Lakes in Utah (one of the greatest sources on the planet) and that’s it; endurance energy perfection. It’s simple, it’s efficient, it’s delicious and it’s been used by the amazing Copper Canyons athletes for generations.


For super simple good energy just mix a scoop in your flask, squeeze in a drip of Agave syrup or honey, maybe even maple syrup like our Amigo Flint does (he is French Canadian after all) top off with water and off you go on the run, the hike, the adventure, wherever your feet lead.  The basic recipe is great, we think however, what the mix does best is take your favorite flavors and turn them into endurance fuel perfection! 

Another excellent way to enjoy the ‘nutrition of the generations’ is part of pre or post exercise meal or snack.  The Mas Korima gang has a ton of ways we use and enjoy Andale! including everything from soups to pizza.  Check out some of these recipe ideas and of course the ‘on the run and in the flask recipes’ too. - but for sure go ahead and create your own favorites too. Though, when you really nail a good one, please email us so we can enjoy as well!