Hand Picked Wild Sierra Tarahumara Chiltepin (1 oz)

  • Chiltepin Hand Harvested Wild

Hand Picked Wild Sierra Tarahumara Chiltepin (1 oz)


The most flavorful heat on the planet?  The elusive wild chiltipin, hand picked, sun dried and ready to put on your pizza, eggs, pasta sauce, soups and stews, tacos, etc etc.

There is no other pepper like it. Impossible to cultivate like nature because of how it germinates and how picky the bushes are to just the right balance of shade and sun and rain and temperature. You simply cannot create a field to replicate what the plant requires. Even in the wild that plant is so dependent on just the right conditions, and any variation, leaves an already crazy limited supply simply impossible to find.

All our chiltepin are sourced in the Barrancas del Cobre hand picked by our Raramuri amigos. They vary based on year, location, and other factors, but all exhibit that smokey fire and flavor that makes them the world's most desired pepper.