Korimalitas Large Box (25 Servings)

  • Korimalitas Large Box (25 Servings) - Mas Korima

Korimalitas Large Box (25 Servings)


Korimalitas (little bites of Korima!) Our Heritage Pinole Bites are a healthy real food solution for added calories while doing your favorite activity or as a quick snack on the go. Though we have to admit we may need to say 'Healthy-ish', if you occasionally have a morning or a night like the Mas Korima team where you eat half a box worth in one sitting…!  

But frankly, from an endurance nutrition perspective, they are for sure a worthy and a most excellent option before or during your activity.  They are very easy on the stomach, a nice slow energy release, and even though they were formulated primarily for performance, the unique and enjoyable roasted flavor hits the spot and you know an energy boost is coming! See, our endurance energy bite are made for athletes. Nutritionally, it’s the same story: Pinole and Chia focused real food with real ingredients, made by real people to fuel your activity.  We think they are perfect little Copper Canyon bites of goodness.

With about 25 calories per bite, Korimalitas make it easy to stay on top of your Copper Canyon nutrition on the go and their small size makes them easy to pack in a running vest, a day-pack or in your four legged athlete harness. And although your dog running friend might just fall in love with them too, we actually have something specifically made for pawed athletes!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll love the Korimalitas as much as we do and remember; always share at least one… so you can say “I didn’t eat the whole box”!