RarabellaYou know her from our packaging and our merchandise, but did you know her story?  Her name is Rarabella. “Rara”, from Raramuri, the real name of our friends’ community and what they call themselves (as opposed to Tarahumara).  “Bella”, from Spanish, because she’s beautiful, strong, healthy, and happily running.

As a company, Mas Korima is a way to celebrate our friends’ culture.  When the time came to choose a visual representation for our products, a hero who embodies the Raramuri resilience, humble pride, and vigor, we chose to use the silhouette of a female runner to celebrate the women of the Copper Canyons.

Mothers, workers, runners; they are a pillar of the community and a constant source of inspiration to us Mas Loco runners who travel down to run the Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon every first Sunday of March.  They line up at the starting line with their vibrantly-colored dresses and grind away, all day, along the roads and trails, with determination and resolve, side-by-side with the men; all equal under the sun.  We think that’s beautiful.  We think they’re beautiful, and Rarabella is one of our ways to celebrate them.

*Quick FYI, our current special offers for the month feature Rarabella on a couple of hat styles.  We also have some way cool shirts to represent. Check them out in the gear section of the store.