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May 10th, 2017

Scottsdale, Arizona / San Isidro, CHIH –  Rarajipari, the game of the generations to make its competitive debut in the United States at the Born to Run Ultras in Los Olivos California, Friday May 19th.


Mas Korima, along with Luna Sandals will sponsor and participate in the game that is perhaps the first true group competition that required endurance running.  Rarajipari is a team sport played by the Tarahumara indigenous peoples of the Barrancas del Cobra.  It was broadly introduced to those outside of the Canyons by Christopher McDougall in his bestselling Born to Run book.  The game involves advancing a wooden ball (bola) by foot among teammates and can go on for over 24 hours and include covering distances of over 100 miles.

A member of the Mas Korima team explained “many people when they think of the great running abilities of the Tarahumara think about Ultra Marathons, but this is the sport they most excel at and enjoy. It has been part of their heritage, along with Ariweta, (a game which involves a hoop and a stick and is played by female Tarahumara) for perhaps hundreds of years.”

Luis Escobar, the founder and director of Born to Run Ultras and veteran Ultra Runner himself, shared “we have had a few Rarajipari exhibitions over the years, but we expect this one to step up beyond the introduction level into some legitimate competition.”  Michael Miller of Mas Korima added “I think Rarajipari could really catch on outside of the Copper Canyons if more endurance athletes were exposed to how fun it is.  Whereas typical long distance running is a solo adventure for the most part, Rarajipari relies totally on team effort and strategy.”

Team Luna and Team Mas Korima will each have a few very experienced Tarahumara that are joining from the Copper Canyons.  Including the legendary Manuel Luna.  Says Luna Sandals Founder Barefoot Ted McDonald “Born to Run is always epic, this year it will be even more epic”.

For more information visit www.maskorima.com, allwedoisrun.com or lunnasandals.com. Contact team members on Facebook and Instagram.

About Mas Korima

“Mas” Spanish for more, “Korima” Raramuri (Tarahumara) for sharing without expectation. We are a multi-cultural team that came together out of a large community of good-willed runners who met, bonded, and became family, in the magnificent Barrancas del Cobre of Mexico.  Mas Korima offers Heritage Pinole and Chia based Endurance Athlete Fuels inspired by and sourced from the lands of the world’s greatest endurance runners. www.maskorima.com