While our Korimalitas are Pinole and Chia focused, there is a little ‘not so secret’ ingredient we include that we think, makes all the difference.  Amaranth - it’s what’s responsible for that slight little graham flavor that many detect.  We believe it also gives a nice hint of (healthy) sweetness and provides a wonderful taste enhancement to our Korimalitas.

AmaranthCultivated by the ancients for thousands of years, it is still a native crop to the Sierra Tarahumara and an important high quality nutrition source for Raramuri families.  Amaranth is also higher in calcium, iron, phosphorus, and carotenoids than most vegetables.  And it has an excellent protein content for a grain.  It is also a great source of lysine, an important amino acid, and contains primary proteins (albumin and globulins) which are easily digested during exercise.

We are so high on Amaranth that our guys in the Canyon have gathered wild seed and are testing a couple of cultivated gardens for us as we speak.  We hope to update much more down the road.