Heritage Pinole. Real Fuel for Real Athletes. All Natural, no added junk or preservatives, just healthy energy to get you through what you need to get through.

We have got some good stuff for you! The primary nutrition focus of Mas Korima products is based on Pinole (heirloom quality Sierra Tarahumara style heritage maize that has been roasted and ground), and a true “super-food”, Chia. This mix has been fueling some of the world’s greatest endurance athletes for generations. We use only natural Pinole and no odd processing either.

Try our new Espresso Blend for when you want a little extra kick and flavor. Perfect for the morning smoothie or pre-run fuel up and of course ideal for during the run when you need that boost.

Pinole. Sierra Tarahumara style heritage pinole with Espresso! The perfect runner fuel nutrition
Andale! Heritage PInole with Chia. Sierra Tarahumara style slow roasted runner fuel perfection
PInole Sierra Tarahumara style. Raramuri lands, fueling the world's greatest endurance runners. Born to Run
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