First off, maybe we should call it by its proper name, maize. Corn is the name we've given maize, a large grain plant first domesticated by humans in Mexico 10,000 years ago. Since then, humans have been breeding, adapting the plant, resulting in numerous different strains. The Raramuri people of Mexico has perfected the use of ground maize, Pinole, an ancient grain strain that was used by the Aztecs.

Heirloom Corn - Mas KorimaThe maize that the Raramuri use is very different than the corn you can find in your neighborhood supermarket, and it is the base of our products here at Mas Korima. We use pinole because it provides an awesome slow-burning fuel with nominal glycemic spike, helping eliminate ‘sugar crashes’ and it’s extra easy on the digestive system. It has a lot of extra nutrition, too, such as fiber and protein, so that you're not only consuming empty calories.There is no perfect base ingredient fuel for athletes, but we think Pinole may be as close as it gets!