At Mas Korima, we don’t pretend to have “miracle foods”, “perfect nutrition solutions” or “silver bullets”, because these don’t exist. Adequately fueling endurance requires an extended knowledge of your own body and metabolism, as well as using a variety of sources, even just for the sake of varying what you eat on a long day out.

Although Andale! In itself can fill all the roles in your nutrition strategy (see here how it actually compares), we know you already use some other fuels that work well for you. Hey, we do, too.

So we figured we could present you with some examples of how Andale! Can complete these fuels by adding complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber to slow your digestion process and provide a lasting feeling of satiety, plus many all natural sea mineral electrolytes, amino-acids and a drip of protein and healthy fats.

Typically, a full 24g scoop of Andale! adds 100 calories on top of all its other nutrition benefits, which means it mixes very well with other popular endurance fuels.


Enhancing your gels

Gels are quick, easy to carry and come in almost endless flavors. They also are wasteful, provoke energy crashes and offer limited calories. By pouring your gels into a flask and adding a half or full scoop of Andale! per packet and a little water, you can carry up to 3 gels per flask without any trash, punch a whopping 200 added calories and reap all the nutritional benefits of Andale!, which will have you feeling more full, get you going longer and reduce the energy crash.


Balancing your liquids

Liquid nutrition, such as Tailwind or Delta-Charge, is made to be absorbed very fast and can be carried in cycling bottles, for example. Again, adding Andale! to your mix will increase the caloric value, add some much-needed fiber content and provide a wider variety of minerals and amino-acids without interfering much with the overall taste of your drink, which will get a little popcorn-y twist.




Loading up your baked or raw bites

Andale! will work wonders in any bite-sized snack you prepare, whether raw or cooked. It can replace any flour or baking mix, which don’t offer much in terms of value for fueling endurance. Because it contains so much nutrition per volume, Pinole is a healthy, simple, tasty way to beef up your cookies, bars, bites and grain-based snacks.