Mas Korima is now off and running!  It’s time for us to pick up the pace and get the word out that Heritage Pinole, the endurance athlete fuel of choice of the legendary Raramuri (Tarahumara) runners of the Copper Canyons, is now available to everyone.  Long before Chris McDougall wrote Born To Run, and introduced the world to our amazing athlete friends, Pinole has been preferred endurance nutrition for generations.

Our pinole and chia-based products include only real ingredients; no extracts, preservatives or chemical yuck.  Just good, clean, even-burning energy from whole ingredients.  No sugar crashes or “gut uglies”.  Made by people who care for people who care about how they fuel their activities.

So, we are looking for some help to spread the word.  We are giving away 5 tubs of Andale!, 10 boxes of Korimalitas, and a couple of great items from our partners and amigos. Even more cool, we are also giving away some awesome handmade Raramuri Crafts.  In addition to being outstanding endurance athletes, the Raramuri community also has some truly talented craftspeople.  The skills in basket making, weaving, wood crafts, and many other arts is a special talent and we want to help ensure these skills continue to get passed on from generation to generation.  So help us get the word out and get a chance to win one of over 30 crafts and Mas Korima products!

Winners announced March 7th! 

Mas Korima Giveaway